Sine Cura


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Just for y'all

I had to share with all of you the newest, hottest video from
Jessica Simpson.

Enjoy, but ya gotta click here

I like her and if you have a penis--I know you will definitely like her after this. I hear it from all my guy friends.

Taker EZ!

P.S. Gotta love Willie!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hell week

The tornado is still turning and I am being flung around like a rag doll.

Monday was the WORST day I have had in months, Tuesday was just a fraction shy of beating Monday.

This issue below has since been rectified. We are all communicating clearly and have a renewed understanding of our dynamic.

It seems that two of my family/close friends don't know me anymore and don't feel that I am a good person to know since my last break up. They came to me with concerns and expectations of me agreeing with them or seeing their point of view about how I should meditate right now and reflect on "who I am". I am meeting too many new people as a distraction of getting to know myself.

I disagreed strongly. I know who I am for ONCE in my life. I AM doing the things I wanted to include in my life. I am more confident in my person so I am able to meet more people now than before. This isn't negative, this isn't me not knowing who I am...this is me being me for once and they aren't handling the change. I am not rude, mean, unkind, or anything. I am just more excited about things outside myself. Does this mean that I have stopped looking inside myself, NO!

I am reflective, introspective, etc. I do take time for myself to enjoy life with just my thoughts and aspirations. They honestly don't know who I am anymore. It saddens them that I don't believe that I should be living my life as they see. My life saddens them...

It saddens me...after all these years--they just don't know me. The only thing that matters is that I go to bed at night excited about my future, happy about my present, and thankful for my past.

The world evolves as do I.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005's gone

In an instant my world can change from cloud 9 to a chaotic tornado of emotions...I'll be up shortly because that is my nature, but living in a tornado is no bueno.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Summer breeze...makes me feel fine

Quick little ditty about what the heck I've been up to...

Let's see, I went on an Maine adventure which most of you have commented on my pics I emailed out. Yes, it was cold and no I didn't meet the firemen! Lisa gave me a stern warning not to ask to ride down the fire station pole. Since she signs-off on my paycheck, I thought "okay, I'll obey...but just this once!" haha.

The rest of the trip was fantabulous. A lot of wine, beer, and relaxation.

I am currently dating a guy 2 years younger than me and so far, enjoy his goofy company. Although, he has this obsession with Kenny Chesney that might be considered freakish. (kidding, babe).

Spurs have moved on again so I am anticipating more drinking in the next couple of weeks as I cheer them on and scream at the refs. Love the finals, man. Erika, you'd be proud because I have been told that my friends can hear me yelling at the TV from outside. (Memories of South Oats Apts, huh?)

I lost another 3 pounds and am only 8 pds away from my goal...I'm going to maintain for now and hit the regime hard again once the finals are over. Something about drinking and getting up at 5:30 am to hit the gym-isn't really working out in my world.

Well, that's it now. This is so much easier than emailing each of you. Toss me a line or two and tell me what's up with you, too!

Taker EZ!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I've got a plan...

Finally, I have a plan for my life that I think matches my life long desires at the same time.

Can't release all details, but let's just say I am hopefully going to be rich from this idea (actually 3 separate ideas that spin together to make my money making company).

I have had fantastic feedback from both x and y chromies so this should be an excellent opportunity. Told you I have to be vague, sorry, but I am SO excited!

I am a saucey sex kitten whose intelligent and gosh darn it--lots of people will buy these! I want one so I am going to have to make it myself!

Money, money, money-MONEY(Trump song)

Not that I am materialistic, just eager to explore/travel whenever the hell I want to!

Wish me luck and great vibes! Gotta go, I to have to research my niche market, etc.